pb project#1: Padas WWR


yeah KK fever still not meet the end line. hahaha. yup, ai just so in love with the trip so ai just don't bother to repeat it all over again. muahaha. sorry guys!

so, dengan adanya laptop baru, maka photobook (pb) project  with pixajoy pun bermula. yeah. love it? so, ai mulakan dengan pb project 1/13: Padas White Water Rafting. 

kali ni with more cool fonts and background. yahooooo! ok do enjoy some of my pb proofs!

untuk rekod:

start design: 17/3/2013 9.00pm-12am (3 hr)
continue on: 18/3/2013 9.00pm-1.00am (4 hr)
continue/end: 19/3/2013 7.00pm-12.00am (5 hr)

oh within 12 hour? ini gigih. hahaha

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