EQ (Emotional Intelligence) test- jom buat kuiz sambil makan cekodok pisang

bos selalu kata, "your IQ excellent but your EQ still need improvement". haish, ini semua gara-gara tidak kawal emosi dengan betul. haha

interestingly, petang ni me telah buat satu kuiz EQ di website ini - ada beberapa soalan perlu dijawab dengan jujur dan dapat score. ai punya score adalah: Average 75%. ok lah, takde la teruk sangat. hehe :-)

Your score indicates that you have an average EQ.

"People who typically score in this range are usually able to recognize and understand their feelings and to express them in an appropriate manner. They are fairly comfortable with who they are. In most circumstances they are not afraid to show love, empathy and compassion for other people. In general, they are comfortable with intimacy, and giving of themselves to other people

They are pretty good communicators. They are fairly in tune with themselves and those around them. They generally know how to say the right thing at the right moment. They are good friends and partners. They are normally able to show anger in appropriate ways. More often than not, they are able to stand up for themselves when necessary, but also are not afraid to cry if they are hurt. They are able to admit when they are wrong and take steps to correct their mistakes. They are rarely unable to say they are sorry

They are generally happy, well-rounded people. They accept challenges. They can stay motivated and focused in the face of setbacks. They are able to set goals for themselves and often achieve them. They are positive and optimistic about themselves, others around them, and their future.

However, just because people with an average EQ have a pretty good grasp on their emotions they still have plenty of room for emotional growth. They can continue to be introspective. They can continue to communicate with the people around them and continue to work on their goals. They can utilize what they have and continue to identify areas within themselves that need work

Remember that a person's emotional intelligence never stops growing. Because we are always evolving as people, EQ is something that must be nurtured. If it isn't cultivated, emotional intelligence will disappear"

panjang lebar penerangan dan rasa nak bersetuju pulak. hmm, nampaknya kena berlatih untuk tingkatkan EQ!

apa lagi pergi buat kuiz tu, mana tahu korang punya EQ 100%. hehehe :-)

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asilahkassim said...

pergh scary pulak aku. huhu~

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