can i handle a bad boss?

frankly tulis, ai tak mau keja bawah bad boss atau jadi bad boss. such annoying, haha. but this another quiz - can you handle a bad boss? betul2 buka mata. haish!

Can you handle a bad boss? You scored 40% correct! (teruknya markah!)

Your Bad-Boss Response: Conformist (haha, i know~)
When it comes to making wise choices at the office, you're still a bit hit-or-miss. Sometimes you fall back on the path of least resistance, whether it is gossiping with your colleagues about your unreasonable boss or simply assuming that things will never change and giving up. But it's obvious that deep down you know what to do, it's just a matter of keeping calm and following through. The next time you're faced with a dilemma, take a minute and think about how you're going to handle it.

(oh, so true!)

Other tips to follow to make working with any boss better: (adoi, ada idea pulak?)
a) Communicate: Any tense situation is going to be improved if you actually communicate your ideas and concerns in a non-threatening, non-accusatory manner. Even if you and your supervisor don't like one another, you can set the tone for a conversation by approaching her in a confident, businesslike way that focuses on the facts, not just your feelings. If she responds in an angry or unpleasant way, defuse the situation by acknowledging that the matter seems very important to her and that you'd really like to find a solution that everyone is happy with. Then try to ask specific questions to understand just what the problem is that she has with the situation.

komunikasi senang untuk ditulis, susah nak melaksanakan. lagi2 bila komunikasi satu hala. asik terima arahan je. mana boleh tahan, betul?

b) Understand the other side of the story: Your supervisor may have pressures and responsibilities you're unaware of. If you've been asked to do something you think is unreasonable or that doesn't agree with your priorities, ask your boss if she could explain the goals behind it so you can understand where your work fits in. By getting a picture of the department's or company's targets, you're likely to feel more part of the process and possibly develop ideas about how to achieve them.

kalau kita je undertand, tapi boss tak, macam mana? hmm~

c) Use a human touch: Whether you love them or hate them, bosses are people too. They have bad days, they worry about their personal lives. Don't assume that every bad mood or snappish remark is really about you. Also, by occasionally chatting about life outside work, you may build a better working relationship in the office

oh, this is very hard part

secara kesimpulannya, ai bukan orang yang sesuai untuk handle bad boss. hehe :-) dayah, please take note,ok?

jauhkan lah dari bad boss. amin :-p

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.::WaNiE::. said...

huhuhu wni dpt 50%

asilahkassim said...

kipas lagi kipas

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